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The Benefits of Third Party Insurance

Insuring your car can be one of the most difficult processes you experience each year, and many are already annoyed by the fact that they have to shell out yet more money on a legal requirement just to drive on the roads. With everyone feeling the pinch and trying to keep an eye on their finances, insurance is seen by many as an unnecessary expense, while it should be seen as a necessity and budgeted for in advance.

There are a number of different kinds of insurance policy available, especially for motorists, ranging from fully comprehensive cover that will insure your vehicle against all risks on the road to budget third party car insurance that will cover you for less, whilst still allowing you to drive on the roads. Without any form of insurance policy you need to remember that you are actually breaking the law by driving on the roads.

Third party car insurance, as mentioned, is the smallest form of cover to get you out on the roads. Put simply, it only covers damage caused to other vehicles or property belonging to the other car owner, and any injuries that they suffer as a result of an accident that is deemed to be your fault.

The ‘property’ covered under third party insurance isn’t just the items in the car with the person at the time – such as their mobile phone, contents of their rucksack or their awful CDs – but it can include things such as garden walls or shop fronts, (the things you collide with essentially in the case that it isn’t a car-on-car collision).

The biggest benefit of third party insurance over fully comprehensive, for instance, is that it is often far cheaper making it ideal for new drivers or those strapped for cash. As a new driver, you may have just spent a significant amount on your first car or you might be going onto your own policy for the first time and it is particularly expensive. However, you need to be insured before you can drive so having third party cover makes sense until you can save up more for when your renewal comes around.

With a third party policy in place, you can start to build up your no claims discount which will help to bring your premium down in the future. The longer you spend driving with your policy in place and without making a claim, the greater the discount you will be awarded at renewal time because you’re showing the insurer that you’re a responsible driver and not someone who is reckless and crashing every few months!

The Suzuki Sx4 S-Cross – Facts and Figures

Whether you’re choosing a new car or a used model, you never quite know what you’re going to get until you take a look around the vehicle and take it out for a test drive. Reading specifications online or the brochures at the dealership will give you a feel for the car, but different people look for different things when buying a car.

Some look for the same manufacturer they’ve driven for years because they’re so impressed with the reliability, others look for the most modern tech and gadgets that come with the various models while others will buy from a particular dealership, such as T W White because they find that the service is so good and the cars on the forecourt provide everything they could want.

The latest range of vehicles, known as crossovers, have people scratching their heads for a completely different reason, because they’re so new to the market and people are unsure how the various components work when put together. The Suzuki Sx4 is just one example of a crossover vehicle, incorporating the bets bits of a family saloon and a traditional 4×4.

So why is it so good? Rather than just re-writing all of the various industry reviews or telling you the kind of things you’d hear at a dealership, let’s deal in cold hard facts and figures:

  • There are two main models of the Sx4 – a 1.6-litre petrol engine and a 2.0-litre diesel. The petrol version comes in front-wheel drive OR four-wheel drive, while the diesel model is available in four-wheel drive ONLY.
  • The petrol model has a top-speed of around 115mph, reaching 60mph in around 10.7 seconds, with emissions ranging between 141 and 115g/km depending on the manual or automatic transmission. In terms of fuel consumption, the petrol produces between 42 and 45.6mpg with pricing ranging from just over £11,000 to just under £15,000 depending on the option you choose, with a series of optional extras adding to the standard price.
  • In terms of the diesel, you get better fuel economy, as you would expect, with 53.3mpg and the fewest Carbon Dioxide emissions with 139g/km. It has a top speed of 112mph, going from 0-60 in 11.2 seconds and costing between £16,500 and £17,000.
  • Available in a choice of six colours the choice is yours, allowing you to choose the model that meets your requirements and specifications.
  • All models come with a standard Suzuki three-year or 60,000-mile warranty that you get with all new Suzuki vehicles.

Five Must See New Cars for 2013

Every year, car manufacturers release the latest model to add to their ranges, not only to fall in line with what the consumers wants, to utilise the latest in car technology but also to become one of the preferred car brands in the world. Manufacturers either improve an existing model but adding up to date technology or have a complete new design to add to their expansive list of every day vehicles.

There are so many different car types that manufacturers can focus on to appeal to the target consumer. Whether they look at the size of a car, the effect it has on the environment or even the overall cost of the vehicle, all are appealing to the potential customer.

Cars aren’t just a luxury; they are an intricate part of everyday life and the most popular mode of transport.

2013 has been the year that leading car manufacturers have chosen to launch their newest additions and designs. Below are the 5 I think all car enthusiasts will enjoy…

  1. 1. Peugeot 208 GTI

The lighter more powerful version of the original 208 will no doubt be just as popular as the original model. Peugeot have focused on re-designing and improving areas of the model that proved unsuccessful last time round. Stronger suspension, bigger breaks and a sporty appearance make the 208 almost unrecognisable.

  1. 2. Volkswagen E-Golf

Conscious of the negative effects cars have on the environment, Volkswagen have released the environmentally version of the Golf. By far the manufacturers most popular model, the car now comes with the title of being the best electric car created so far. A longer driving range, different driving modes combined with the standard Golf appearance will ensure this car is a success.

  1. 3. BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo

The 5 door hatchback will easily eclipse the success of the GT model. The car has been made more spacious, faster and sleeker. The features are similar to that of the GT but they have been enhanced to make the ideal family car, just with the edge of a spoiler for increased speed.

  1. 4. Mercedes Benz f125

Labelled as a luxury vehicle, the hydrogen power shows a real advancement in fuel technology with Mercedes joining the attempt to create an environmentally friendly car that doesn’t lose the qualities of a petrol based car. The car is made of carbon fibre and is lightweight and nimble and has an overall sharper appearance.

  1. 5. Toyota Auris Touring Sports

Toyota has launched the estate version of the incredibly popular Auris. The design is incredibly similar with the differences being difficult to identify. Full hybrid power has increased the speed of the vehicle and the rear of the car has been overhauled to ensure it differs from the original model and to allow for the increase speed and space. The Auris Touring Sports is one of the most reasonably priced estate cars available.

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