Car Hire Excess Insurance

When you’re hiring a car, either in the UK or abroad, investing in adequate insurance is essential. But, don’t think that a basic policy will be sufficient – even if you accept the cover offered by the car rental company you could still lose out, because you’ll still be required to pay the excess fee. This will often vary according to the conditions stipulated in your rental agreement but could be anything from £100 to £2,000, a figure that could well be difficult to pay, and that’s why investing in additional car hire excess insurance is often preferable.

This type of policy will safeguard your liability to ensure you don’t have to pay any excess costs out of your own pocket. It can be a huge weight off your mind when you’re hiring a car, because as much as we like to think otherwise, accidents can and do happen. It’s important to be prepared whenever you’re on the road but could be even more so in a hire car situation – you won’t be in charge of any repair arrangements and the fees could quickly add up, and even if the damage wasn’t your fault the excess will still need to be paid and you’ll be responsible for it. But, with the right level of protection you won’t have to worry, leaving you free to get on the road in confidence.

What can be included in a policy?

Policies such as these are often very specific in terms of the type of protection they offer, and at the most basic end of the scale you simply need to make sure that you’ve got a level of cover equal to the value of your excess. Many policies offer cover up to £3,500 per claim, for example, and usually this will be perfectly sufficient to ensure you won’t lose out should the worst happen. You can always discuss your needs with your insurer to make sure you’re getting the level of protection that you need, and depending on your circumstances you might want to look for additional levels of protection as well – some policies will offer even more to ensure you’re ready for anything, with things like lost key cover and towing costs offering total protection.

There are a few things you’ll need to remember when searching, however, and the first is to consider how often you’re likely to need the services of a hire car. If you’ll only use it for a single trip or holiday then daily cover will be more than adequate, with many individual policies being able to cover a single rental agreement for complete ease of use. But, if you travel a lot you might want to look into the option of annual cover – this could easily save you money and you’ll also save time as well, because without having to arrange a new policy each time you can enjoy optimum convenience. You’ll also want to consider whether or not you’re staying in the UK, are travelling to Europe or even further afield – your location will often have an impact on the level of cover you need and the price you pay, so always be aware of any restrictions and give your insurance firm as much information as possible.

Find a tailored quote to meet your needs

But, as with any type of insurance policy, it’s essential that you choose wisely. You don’t want to go through the hassle of searching for quotes only to realise that you haven’t actually got the level of protection that you’re looking for, so always make sure that your potential insurance company can tailor their policy according to your needs. This not only ensures you’re getting the perfect level of protection but can also mean you’re not wasting money on policy features that aren’t necessary, so always spend the time to look and discuss your requirements thoroughly.

Luckily there are plenty of specialist insurers that will be able to accommodate and if you head online you’ll soon find one that can meet your needs. Many insurers will be able to offer instant quotes to save time and hassle, and you could even arrange the whole thing online for the height of convenience. As long as you spend the time to look and compare the options you could have the policy that you need in no time, offering the perfect solution for complete peace of mind.

Reasons to invest in this type of cover

Still need convincing? Then here’s a quick overview of the benefits you can enjoy once you’ve sourced suitable cover:

• You’ll be reimbursed for any excess charges should damage occur, and considering the level of many excess agreements you could save huge amounts of money.
• Unlike most basic hire car insurance policies, this additional level of cover will normally include damage to tyres, windows and the underbody of the vehicle as standard.
• You can tailor your policy according to your needs, with annual policies helping you save money if you hire cars frequently.
• Additional options could include cover for towing costs, misfuelling, lost keys, baggage, personal accident and many more for total protection.
• Choosing cover from specialist suppliers will often be far cheaper than accepting the policy offered by car rental companies so you can save even more.

Hire your car in confidence

When you’re hiring a car, be it for business or pleasure, the last thing you want to think about is your financial obligations. But, it’s vital to be prepared whenever you’re on the road because you never know what’s around the corner, and investing in sufficient car hire excess insurance is essential. It can give you total peace of mind that everything is under control and will that you won’t have to lose out should any damage occur, so make sure to never underestimate this type of insurance if you want to be wholly confident that your finances are properly protected and you’ll be free to enjoy your trip without a thing to worry about.

Cheap Classic Car Insurance Quotes

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I bet that if you own a classic car, it is the vehicle you always dreamt of owning as a child, or one that you have taken on as a refurbishment project. Either way, there is always a lot of sentimental value attached to a classic car, so if something were to happen to your Mini Cooper or Jaguar MK2, you would like to ensure that you are fully covered by a classic car insurance policy.

The difficulty with insuring a classic car is that there is no fixed definition or category that your vehicle needs to fall into. HMRC classes any vehicle over the age of 20 and with a value of £15,000 or more as classic, whereas for classic car insurance policies, the definitions include: a car over 15 years old, it does not have to be very valuable, and it does not have be ‘glamorous’. The definition will vary between insurance providers, so it is essential that you confirm whether you vehicle counts before requesting a quotation.

You might be surprised to hear that more often than not, classic car insurance policies are actually cheaper than conventional ones. This is usually down to the fact that it is assumed that classic car owners are more likely to take special care in the maintenance of their vehicle. However, by taking the cheapest insurance policy, you might be losing out on certain factors that could be of benefit to you.

If you are looking to save money on your annual premium it is always worth doing a price comparison to establish the most competitive price. Another tip is to consider how often you drive your classic car, is it your main car? Or do you reserve it for trips through the country at the weekend? A limited mileage policy is an excellent way to lower the cost of your classic car insurance as the premium often drops to reflect the reduced use.

There is no doubt that your classic car is a cherished asset, so if there could be anything to add insult to injury if your car were to be written off, it would be being compensated with just a few hundred pounds. It is essential that you remember to have the value of the car agreed before you take out the policy as this will ensure that you receive the true value of the car should anything happen. Unlike standard modern cars, classic cars often increase in value each year, so update the agreed value with your insurance provider each year.

Convicted Drivers Car Insurance

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For most people, the only time they will commit a crime is as a result of a motoring offence. There are three ways to lose your driving licence: an instant driving ban, the totting up procedure and the new drivers act. If there is one thing harder to swallow than accepting this punishment, it is finding an adequate convicted drivers car insurance policy. It is a common misconception that you will never be able to find insurance again, but it is true that some providers will not offer you cover. However, with a little shopping around and some tenacity, you are sure to find suitable convicted drivers car insurance.

By searching for a convicted drivers car insurance policy you are demonstrating your commitment to starting again and looking forward to driving safely on UK roads, but unfortunately most insurance companies don’t see this. You might have more luck persuading the insurance company if you have a good history of no claims years, as this shows providers that you are not as great a risk as they might think.

Although you might fall off your chair when you see some of the quotes for convicted drivers car insurance, it is the only way you will be able to make that fresh start. If you were to run the risk of driving without insurance, you are looking for one sure fire way to receive a driving ban for life. By doing a price comparison, you can establish which providers are able to offer the most competitive quotes for convicted drivers car insurance.
The price of your annual premiums is likely to depend on the reasoning behind your conviction, if you received a ban for speeding, or your small convictions built up over time, will probably not receive outrageously high quotes. However, insurance companies have to take a pragmatic approach if your conviction was for something more serious such as driving under the influence of alcohol or dangerous driving.

Once you have a few companies to choose from, you can start to think about what you need from an insurance policy. Although it might seem like a real pain, insurance is only in place to protect you and other drivers or pedestrians. Your convicted drivers car insurance will be a very similar policy to the insurance you held previously. You will still have the same choice about the level of cover (e.g. third party or comprehensive), and you will still be able to reduce your premiums slightly by ensuring the vehicle is as little of a risk as possible.

Driving Instructors Car Insurance – Compare Quotes

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As a driving instructor, you are at increased risk whilst on the road due to travelling with a great number of inexperienced learner drivers. It is absolutely essential that you have the protection necessary to mitigate against any eventuality on the road. Whether you are self-employed or working for company, driving instructor car insurance is designed to cover you in your job.

Driving instructors have plenty to think about whilst working, teaching leaner drivers and ensuring that everyone is kept safe on the road at the same time just sounds difficult. Adding any other stresses or worries could be dangerous, but with an adequate driving instructors insurance policy, you will be able to relax and concentrate on the job in hand.

It is easy to see how your needs as a driving instructor have an impact on your car insurance, but one of the major problems with finding a driving instructor insurance policy is ensuring that all your requirements are met. Rather than having separate policies for each individual aspect, it is highly recommended that you seek a provider which can combine everything into one easy to understand policy.

Your driving instructor insurance will need to include what you expect from a conventional policy, protection against damage or loss caused by fire and theft; third party cover to ensure that your financial obligations are covered in the event that you are to blame for an accident; and repairs or replacement for your own vehicle. This all comes as standard in comprehensive car insurance, but you need to consider this and much more. Additional forms of cover that you might want to include into your driving instructor insurance are:

• Driving other cars during tuition – this is quite self-explanatory, if you are ever involved in an incident whilst driving a client’s car, you will have full insurance cover

• Dual-control vehicle supplied in the event of a non-fault accident – vehicle replacement is essential as a driving instructor, but always ask if it will be dual-control so you can continue working.

• Legal expenses – if a claim is ever made against you, you don’t want to end up paying costs and compensation out of your own pocket.

• Fleet – if you own a driving instructor company, you might have a number of cars, so rather than insuring each one individually, see if fleet cover could save you money.

These are just a few examples, be sure to discuss your full requirements with an insurance provider experienced in driving instructor car insurance.

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Import Car Insurance – Japanese & Grey Specialists

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If you are looking for protection for your imported car, you are bound to have found out that most of the major insurance providers either won’t cover you or will hit you with huge annual premiums. The reason that import car insurance is so important is because the providers deal in the risk posed by you and your vehicle. An insurance company may not be able to accurately determine the risk involved in insuring your imported car.

You may find it difficult to understand why insurance companies insist on charging you so much for import car insurance policies but there are two main reasons. The first is that it is far harder to estimate how much they would need to pay out in parts and repairs as they may be hard to source and cost a lot more. The second reason is that there could be a problem with the vehicle quality standards, depending on where the car has been imported from.

Cars known as grey imports are not built to European standards, and are not EU approved, making it very difficult to obtain import car insurance. Whereas a parallel import is usually from Europe, meaning that it will be much simpler to seek an adequate policy.

Similarly to modified cars, or classic cars, it is usually far easier to obtain import car insurance from a specialist insurer rather than a high street retailer. Before you seek quotations, make sure you have as much information about the vehicle as possible, as the more the insurance provider knows about your car, the more they are able to reduce the annual premium. If cost is a priority, many insurers do not see a right-hand drive vehicle as a higher risk if there are no further modifications, so it is recommended that you ask this first. As import car insurance is always going to be more expensive than any convention insurance, you could use some tried and tested techniques to lower your premiums. These could include any of the following:

• Approved security devices – alarm/immobiliser
• No claims bonus years
• Parking in a garage
• As few modifications as possible
• Low annual mileage

Import car insurance does usually have higher annual premiums than any standard insurance policy, but you do usually save some money as the pre-tax costs are usually a lot cheaper abroad than here in the UK. If you do decide to import a car from abroad, it is essential that you are covered by adequate import car insurance to protect you for every eventuality.

Prestige Car Insurance

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If you are the proud owner of a prestige car, you need the increased assurance that you will protected no matter what happens. With this in mind, it is essential that you obtain a prestige car insurance policy as soon as possible. Similarly to standard car insurance, there are three levels of prestige car insurance available but you may want to seek a comprehensive policy if possible.

Third party, fire & theft insurance is often thought of as a ‘medium’ level of car insurance, as this provides a basic level of protection, with the added cover for damage or loss caused by fire and theft. It is essential that your prestige car insurance is at least covered for this as these two factors can cause extremely costly damage. The remainder of the cover allows third parties and their property to be covered in case an accident is your fault. When considering investing into prestige car insurance, it is important that you think about how you would cover the costs of repairs to your own vehicle, as these will not be covered by a third party, fire & theft policy. The benefits to this level of cover is that it is much cheaper to insure young or inexperienced drivers, but the annual premium cost far outweighs what you might have to pay if you were involved in an accident, particularly as the owner of a prestige car.

You might want to invest in comprehensive prestige car insurance policy as this offers the motorist and car owner a better level of cover compared to 3rd party fire and theft. You and your luxury vehicle will be covered in almost every eventuality as you can expect to receive compensation for damage to your own car in the event that an accident is your fault. Although this level of cover is the most expensive, it is well worth the annual cost if something unexpected were to happen.

Luxury vehicles can cost a lot hundreds of thousands of pounds, so it is essential that you are fully protected when driving on the road. Prestige car insurance is designed to provide you with financial cover if involved in an accident, or if someone steals your vehicle, or if any damage is caused by fire. By being able to rest assured that you and your car are protected, even if you are to blame for an accident, allows you to enjoy your vehicle and stop worrying about financial burdens.

Cheap 4×4 Car Insurance Quotes

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Over the last couple of decades, 4×4 cars have become very popular with families rather than simply farmers and those that live in rural areas. 4×4 vehicles are very practical due to their space, off-road capability and low purchase costs. Most 4×4’s are not driven off road and usually driven on standard roads just like other cars and car insurance is a legal requirement for these vehicles.

Although buying a 4×4 vehicle has become increasingly popular, it seems that 4×4 car insurance hasn’t seen the same increase in popularity. The reason behind this may be that UK insurance providers seem to take great pleasure in charging an incredible amount of money each year for 4×4 car insurance, compared to a conventional policy. There are a wide variety of 4×4’s and SUV’s on the market these days and most people will not be participating in rallies and off-roading, but most insurance companies do not consider this.

Other reasons that 4×4 car insurance is generally so expensive is that it is thought that 4×4 vehicles are more dangerous to pedestrians than other cars, and that they can present a high theft risk. Research into these claims has actually found that neither are relevant to the UK, but this information has not translated to the quotes presented to 4×4 owners yet. A more accurate reason for high premiums on 4×4 car insurance, is that the cost of repair is much higher as it parts and labour is often more expensive for 4×4’s.

If you are looking for ways that may reduce the cost of your 4×4 car insurance premiums, there are a number of steps you can take such as : –

• Take extra driving courses such as the Pass Plus test as this proves to the insurer that you are a responsible driver, therefore less likely to be involved in an accident

• Join a 4×4 owners’ club as providers often give policy holders’ discounts if they belong to the relevant owners club for their vehicle

• Don’t modify your vehicle as this makes it difficult for the insurance company to accurately identify what risk you and your 4×4 pose when on the road

• Maintain a clean driving licence, and build up your no claims bonus years as this will encourage the provider to reduce your annual premium.

• Inform the insurance company that you do not intend to take your vehicle off road, or participate in any rallies or competitions.

Motor Trade Insurance

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People in the motor trade already have a lot to think about, and unfortunately motor trade insurance will be another essential consideration that will need to be taken into account. No matter what type of business you own (whether it’s a car lot, a garage or anything similar) you’re going to want to protect your interests, and that’s what makes adequate insurance so important.

Insurance is there to protect you financially should anything go wrong, and given that it’s your livelihood on the line it makes sense to be prepared. With this type of insurance, almost more than any other, proper research is essential. All businesses will have slightly different requirements and as such you’ll need a policy to suit, and if you look around and head to specialists you’ll be able to find something that perfectly meets your needs.

There are a number of things you’ll need to think about before you decide on the quote to go for. The first will be a basic decision between third party cover and a more comprehensive policy, but it shouldn’t stop there. You’ll also need to think about the additions that you’ll need, such as legal expenses, liability and personal accident cover, and the ones that you need are again going to depend on the particular industry that you’re in.

So, given the number of considerations there are, choosing a policy isn’t going to be an easy task. That’s why it’s always best to head to specialist brokers who will be able to offer advice on any potential insurers, and of course the best solution will always be to get a bespoke policy that’s been created according to your own individual specifications. This means that you’ve got the right level of cover and any added extras that you’ll need, and this can be invaluable in ensuring that you’re completely protected.

But, just because you’ll need a specialist policy, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to spend a fortune on premiums. There are plenty of things you can do to reduce your quote, such as increasing your excess, foregoing any unnecessary extras and taking advantage of any discounts that can be offered, and if you spend the time to look you’re bound to find some deals out there.

So, anyone in the motor trade needs to carefully consider their options before deciding on an appropriate policy. As long as you do you can get to work in confidence, knowing that you’ve got a tailor-made motor trade insurance policy behind you to back you up.

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The Problem of High UK Car Insurance Premiums

Anyone that’s tried to insure a car elsewhere in Europe is sure to have found a huge difference in prices. Invariably, UK car insurance always comes out more expensive. But why is that, and is there anything that can be done to get around it?

UK car insurance is often more expensive because of the different insurance rules involved in each country. Elsewhere in the EU you’re often able to insure the car alone, meaning that as long as you have the right papers and insurance in place anyone can drive it. In the UK, however, you insure the driver as well as the vehicle, but you’ll often be able to get much more comprehensive cover as well.

But, as is often the case between different countries, sometimes you simply have to pay more for a similar level of cover and there may not be any obvious reason behind it. So how can you avoid paying such high insurance premiums?

Unfortunately there’s not a lot you can do to get around it. The fact remains that if you want to drive a car legally in the UK you need to get adequate insurance, and that often means you’ll be paying more than in the rest of Europe. But, if you make sure to shop around, you should be able to drive down the prices to something more reasonable.

Every insurance company will be able to offer different policies at different prices, so always spend the time to check. You could do this on your own, or to save yourself the hassle you could always check price comparison sites to find even better deals.

This will be the best way to avoid the often incredibly high insurance premiums that you can be faced with in the UK, and by shopping around you’ll be able to get the best you can for your money. You might also want to consider increasing your excess or going for a more basic level of cover instead of a comprehensive policy, and as long as you’re getting everything you need you shouldn’t have a problem.

So, although UK car insurance policies can often be expensive, there are things that you can do to reduce those premiums. Insurance is an unfortunate fact of life and while we may begrudge paying for it now it could well help us out later on, and if you remember to always do your research and find the best deals you can avoid breaking the bank. is owned by Mediamash (NI) Limited, who are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Seopa Ltd. The quote system is owned and operated by Seopa Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the FCA, number 313860. You can view our registration at We do not give financial advice on this website. If in doubt get professional advice and always read the policy information before purchasing an insurance contract.