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Staying fit and healthy should be at the top of the agenda, and while some people stick with the NHS for any medical attention, for others this simply isn’t enough. Private health insurance is a common request for individuals that want to be in total control of their medical needs, and with so many options available it’s well worth looking into.

This type of insurance can put your mind at ease that everything is under control, with any health issues that you may suffer from being dealt with quickly and easily. You’ll be privately treated as soon as the need arises with no need to wait on NHS waiting lists, and if you pay your premiums you won’t get an unwelcome medical bill either. It works in the same way as other insurance policies in that you pay your premiums and then get the care should you need it (in accordance with your level of cover), and it can be an incredibly worthwhile thing to invest in.

There are a number of different policies that you could go for depending on your individual needs, with some offering a more comprehensive level of cover than others. This means it’s imperative that you look closely at the small print to make sure you’ve got the level of cover that you expect as all policies offer something slightly different, but with plenty of options available to suit all needs and budgets you’re bound to find what you’re looking for.

You might need, for example, a basic level of cover if you’re on a budget, or you could want the most comprehensive level of cover possible including cover for heart and cancer care, outpatient treatments, psychiatric care and even alternative therapies. Most insurers will offer a variety of plans to suit individual needs, and many can come with added features to provide additional peace of mind.

But, it’s important to not confuse health/medical insurance with cash back plans. This is a slightly different form of cover in that you still pay monthly premiums but you pay for any private treatment upfront in order to be reimbursed later, so always make sure that you’re investing in the right thing.

Ultimately, health insurance can give you valuable peace of mind leaving you confident that you’ll be treated quickly and professionally in private hospitals that meet impeccably high standards. There’s no need to worry about waiting lists and you can enjoy excellent facilities and treatment, so if you want to be confident that you’re putting your health first make sure to consider this most beneficial forms of insurance.

Glasses Insurance

Imagine groping through life with uncorrected vision – When your spectacles break is the wrong time to discover your insurance doesn’t cover replacement.

UK citizens of all ages who depend on glasses in order to see and interact with the world are discovering too late that their home insurance does not provide adequate coverage for the replacement of lost or broken spectacles. In their moment of crisis, when they are experiencing the vulnerability that accompanies the loss of clear sight, they face the economic frustration of being unable to replace their glasses.

People tend to believe that their home insurance will cover damaged or lost glasses. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. But, too often these same people don’t discover the lack of coverage until their glasses lay in pieces and their vision has already been compromised. So what began as a crisis of broken glasses and impaired vision now becomes a double crisis when they are unable to purchase replacement glasses because the insurance they were counting on contains loophole clauses.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Now there exists an insurance policy specifically tailored for eyeglass wearing Britons. In fact, buying insurance for spectacles has never been easier. In 2010, a new website, Glasses Insurance UK, makes comparing purchasing specific glasses insurance quick and easy.

Dental Insurance

My Dental Insurance provides online dental insurance and dental plan quotes for UK residents.

Increasing pressures on the NHS combined with ever more patients to treat means that UK residents are now expected to contribute financially towards the cost of dental insurance cover. As these costs can be significant, especially for families, there has been a big increase in the number of people taking out private dental insurance plans. is owned by Mediamash (NI) Limited, who are an Introducer Appointed Representative of Seopa Ltd. The quote system is owned and operated by Seopa Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the FCA, number 313860. You can view our registration at We do not give financial advice on this website. If in doubt get professional advice and always read the policy information before purchasing an insurance contract.