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Caravan holidays are growing in popularity, and as such owning a caravan is quickly becoming the dream of many. However, few people understand the insurance implications that surround it, so here’s a quick run-through of everything you need to know about finding caravan insurance quotes and what you should expect from your cover.

First up, you might be surprised to know that having caravan insurance is not always a legal requirement. The only exception to this is if you own a touring caravan and intend to tow it on public roads, and in this case having adequate insurance in place is vital. In a lot of cases this will be covered by your third party car insurance policy, but it always pays to check.

Although this is generally all you have to be insured for, it’s still wise to go for more comprehensive cover. The average caravan can cost up to £20,000, so protecting it against loss, theft or damage is an incredibly wise move. You caravan could easily suffer damage both on the road and on the campsite itself, so if you don’t want to lose out financially it’s always a good idea to be prepared.

Theft of the caravan itself is also an ever-increasing threat. Statistics show that 3,000 caravans were stolen last year, and if you don’t want to suffer the effects make sure to adequately protect yourself. Let’s not forget the potential theft of possessions within the caravan as well – a lot of people take very expensive items in the caravan with them, so it always pays to make sure these are covered too.

So, having caravan insurance is vital to protect you against any losses, but how do you go about finding caravan insurance quotes? Well, because it’s so specialised it could take a lot of research, but don’t let that put you off. It’s essential to compare several policies before you make your decision, so try to seek out price comparison sites to make the process as stress-free as possible.

As you can see, although caravan insurance isn’t always a legal requirement, it’s still a good idea to have adequate cover in place. This protects you against any financial loss, and as your caravan (and indeed your possessions within the caravan) could be incredibly expensive it’s a good idea to protect your investment. Always go for the most comprehensive cover possible, and make sure to compare plenty of caravan insurance quotes to find the right cover for you.

Cheap Caravan Insurance

Owning a caravan can be a fun and a worthwhile asset. As with all assets, it is essential that they are protected from loss or damage. That is why insurance for caravans is important in the UK, no matter which type you own. Obtaining cheap caravan insurance requires more than just choosing a policy that has a low cost. You want insurance that will offer thorough protection, as well as maximize the money you will spend.

There are basically two types of caravans, those that are used for travel and referred to as the tourist caravan and those that are used in a more permanent lifestyle called the static caravan. The caravan insurance requirements differ depending on which of the two you own, it is imperative to make sure you are properly insured for your caravan use.

The tourist caravan is subject to the risks of being on the road, just like other vehicles; while the static caravan is vulnerable to the forces of nature. Both models however, are at risk for being stolen. All of these variables are the reason for the different insurance types.

When in the market for purchasing insurance it is always wise to shop around. It is no different when looking for cheap caravan insurance. There are numerous on and off line ways to get quotes and the information needed to make an informed decision. Some insurance companies will offer special rate reductions for such things as security measures installed in your caravan.

Tourist Caravan Insurance should cover the following:
• Contents
• Continental use
• Public liability insurance
• Removal of caravan if necessary after an accident or other mishap.
• Loss of use

Static Caravan Insurance should include the following:

• The caravan itself
• Contents within the caravan
• Public liability
• Personal property

Obtaining cheap caravan insurance in the UK has never been easier. The internet contains countless sites for you to review and compare. Remember that you are looking for protection and low cost but you do not want to sacrifice one for the other. Shop around; speak to others caravan owners as well.

Once you purchase the policy that is right for you, you are free to enjoy the pleasures owning a caravan offers. You will also have the peace of mind, knowing that if something should happen to your caravan, you have taken the proper steps to ensure that you are protected. Have fun!

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