Canal Boat Insurance

Canal boats can be incredibly expensive purchases, and as such always need to be properly taken care of to avoid any financial losses. One of the most important things you can do is insure your canal boat, but what actually is canal boat insurance and how can you go about getting proper cover?

Well, canal boat insurance is intended specifically for canal boats, narrow boats or similar types of craft. They have different insurance risks than other types of boat, and that means that having specialist insurance is vital if you want to be prepared for anything that could happen.

Canal boats are seen on inland waterways across Britain, and as such having adequate insurance in place is going to be a necessity. Boat insurance isn’t always a legal requirement, but if you want a valid inland waterways licence (which you’ll need if you want to operate a canal boat legally) you’ll need to show that you have adequate cover in place. Third party liability cover is the very least you’ll have to be insured for, as this will protect both you and other people on the waters against any accidental damage to someone else or their property.

Although this is technically all you have to be insured for, it’s always wise to go for more comprehensive cover. Buying a canal boat could well have been a lifelong dream and if you’ve spent your life savings on it you’re going to want to protect your investment, and that’s where insurance comes in.

By insuring your boat you’re protected against any financial losses in the event that your boat gets damaged in some way, and as it’s a valuable purchase it’s wise to have it insured against theft as well. You’ll probably keep a lot of personal belongings in your boat too, so always see if your policy covers possessions as well.

However, finding appropriate quotes can sometimes be tricky. This type of insurance is incredibly specialised and as such not all companies will offer it, so it can be tempting to go for the first policy you find to save time. This is never recommended, as failing to compare quotes means that you can never be sure you’re getting the best. Always spend time to do your research if you want to get adequate cover, and remember to value your possessions and your boat adequately if you don’t want to lose out in the event of a claim.

So, having canal boat insurance is vital if you want to protect yourself from any financial losses. Make sure to do your research if you want the best cover, and once you’ve got the right policy in place you can hit the waterways and enjoy your new purchase.

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