Car Hire Excess Insurance

When you’re hiring a car, either in the UK or abroad, investing in adequate insurance is essential. But, don’t think that a basic policy will be sufficient – even if you accept the cover offered by the car rental company you could still lose out, because you’ll still be required to pay the excess fee. This will often vary according to the conditions stipulated in your rental agreement but could be anything from £100 to £2,000, a figure that could well be difficult to pay, and that’s why investing in additional car hire excess insurance is often preferable.

This type of policy will safeguard your liability to ensure you don’t have to pay any excess costs out of your own pocket. It can be a huge weight off your mind when you’re hiring a car, because as much as we like to think otherwise, accidents can and do happen. It’s important to be prepared whenever you’re on the road but could be even more so in a hire car situation – you won’t be in charge of any repair arrangements and the fees could quickly add up, and even if the damage wasn’t your fault the excess will still need to be paid and you’ll be responsible for it. But, with the right level of protection you won’t have to worry, leaving you free to get on the road in confidence.

What can be included in a policy?

Policies such as these are often very specific in terms of the type of protection they offer, and at the most basic end of the scale you simply need to make sure that you’ve got a level of cover equal to the value of your excess. Many policies offer cover up to £3,500 per claim, for example, and usually this will be perfectly sufficient to ensure you won’t lose out should the worst happen. You can always discuss your needs with your insurer to make sure you’re getting the level of protection that you need, and depending on your circumstances you might want to look for additional levels of protection as well – some policies will offer even more to ensure you’re ready for anything, with things like lost key cover and towing costs offering total protection.

There are a few things you’ll need to remember when searching, however, and the first is to consider how often you’re likely to need the services of a hire car. If you’ll only use it for a single trip or holiday then daily cover will be more than adequate, with many individual policies being able to cover a single rental agreement for complete ease of use. But, if you travel a lot you might want to look into the option of annual cover – this could easily save you money and you’ll also save time as well, because without having to arrange a new policy each time you can enjoy optimum convenience. You’ll also want to consider whether or not you’re staying in the UK, are travelling to Europe or even further afield – your location will often have an impact on the level of cover you need and the price you pay, so always be aware of any restrictions and give your insurance firm as much information as possible.

Find a tailored quote to meet your needs

But, as with any type of insurance policy, it’s essential that you choose wisely. You don’t want to go through the hassle of searching for quotes only to realise that you haven’t actually got the level of protection that you’re looking for, so always make sure that your potential insurance company can tailor their policy according to your needs. This not only ensures you’re getting the perfect level of protection but can also mean you’re not wasting money on policy features that aren’t necessary, so always spend the time to look and discuss your requirements thoroughly.

Luckily there are plenty of specialist insurers that will be able to accommodate and if you head online you’ll soon find one that can meet your needs. Many insurers will be able to offer instant quotes to save time and hassle, and you could even arrange the whole thing online for the height of convenience. As long as you spend the time to look and compare the options you could have the policy that you need in no time, offering the perfect solution for complete peace of mind.

Reasons to invest in this type of cover

Still need convincing? Then here’s a quick overview of the benefits you can enjoy once you’ve sourced suitable cover:

• You’ll be reimbursed for any excess charges should damage occur, and considering the level of many excess agreements you could save huge amounts of money.
• Unlike most basic hire car insurance policies, this additional level of cover will normally include damage to tyres, windows and the underbody of the vehicle as standard.
• You can tailor your policy according to your needs, with annual policies helping you save money if you hire cars frequently.
• Additional options could include cover for towing costs, misfuelling, lost keys, baggage, personal accident and many more for total protection.
• Choosing cover from specialist suppliers will often be far cheaper than accepting the policy offered by car rental companies so you can save even more.

Hire your car in confidence

When you’re hiring a car, be it for business or pleasure, the last thing you want to think about is your financial obligations. But, it’s vital to be prepared whenever you’re on the road because you never know what’s around the corner, and investing in sufficient car hire excess insurance is essential. It can give you total peace of mind that everything is under control and will that you won’t have to lose out should any damage occur, so make sure to never underestimate this type of insurance if you want to be wholly confident that your finances are properly protected and you’ll be free to enjoy your trip without a thing to worry about.

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