Cattery Insurance

Owning a business comes with numerous financial risks and obligations, and that’s why insurance is an essential consideration. Cattery insurance is just as vital, as if you’re looking after someone else’s pet you need to be prepared for anything that could happen.

Cattery insurance should, at the very least, include public and employer’s liability as well as buildings insurance. This protects you in the event that any employee or third party were to be injured whilst on your property, and buildings insurance covers the cost of any damage that could occur to the business itself be it through fire, theft or some other disastrous event.

Another essential consideration when it comes to cattery insurance is of course the cats themselves. People trust you to look after their valued pets, and if anything were to happen they’d be looking to blame someone – you. Now, insurance to cover the animals isn’t technically required as a lot of cats are already insured, but it gives you valuable peace of mind that everything’s covered.

Vets bills can quickly add up, and if a cat was to become ill or injured whilst in your care you need to be able to solve the problem as quickly as possible. Although the cat may well already be insured it’s still a good idea to have a cat insurance policy of your own, as vets bills need to be paid upfront either out of your own pocket or by passing the bill onto the owner. But, if you did that, would they use your services again?

Having adequate cattery insurance in place is a great way to encourage interest in your business. Owners will be safe in the knowledge that their pet is being properly taken care of, and if anything were to happen that was your fault they know that they won’t have to pay out of their own pocket. Theft is also often included in such insurance policies, and a lot of them will even offer extras such as advertising or rewards costs if a cat were to go missing.

So, cattery insurance is always worth having for anyone who owns a cattery business. It’s there to protect your financial interests as well as those of the owners, and can give both parties valuable peace of mind that everything’s under control. As long as you do your research you’re bound to be able to find the right policy, just make sure to check the small print to ensure you’re getting just what you’re looking for.

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