Cheap 4×4 Car Insurance Quotes

Over the last couple of decades, 4×4 cars have become very popular with families rather than simply farmers and those that live in rural areas. 4×4 vehicles are very practical due to their space, off-road capability and low purchase costs. Most 4×4’s are not driven off road and usually driven on standard roads just like other cars and car insurance is a legal requirement for these vehicles.

Although buying a 4×4 vehicle has become increasingly popular, it seems that 4×4 car insurance hasn’t seen the same increase in popularity. The reason behind this may be that UK insurance providers seem to take great pleasure in charging an incredible amount of money each year for 4×4 car insurance, compared to a conventional policy. There are a wide variety of 4×4’s and SUV’s on the market these days and most people will not be participating in rallies and off-roading, but most insurance companies do not consider this.

Other reasons that 4×4 car insurance is generally so expensive is that it is thought that 4×4 vehicles are more dangerous to pedestrians than other cars, and that they can present a high theft risk. Research into these claims has actually found that neither are relevant to the UK, but this information has not translated to the quotes presented to 4×4 owners yet. A more accurate reason for high premiums on 4×4 car insurance, is that the cost of repair is much higher as it parts and labour is often more expensive for 4×4’s.

If you are looking for ways that may reduce the cost of your 4×4 car insurance premiums, there are a number of steps you can take such as : –

• Take extra driving courses such as the Pass Plus test as this proves to the insurer that you are a responsible driver, therefore less likely to be involved in an accident

• Join a 4×4 owners’ club as providers often give policy holders’ discounts if they belong to the relevant owners club for their vehicle

• Don’t modify your vehicle as this makes it difficult for the insurance company to accurately identify what risk you and your 4×4 pose when on the road

• Maintain a clean driving licence, and build up your no claims bonus years as this will encourage the provider to reduce your annual premium.

• Inform the insurance company that you do not intend to take your vehicle off road, or participate in any rallies or competitions.

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