Dental Insurance Northern Ireland

Imagine having a trip to the dentist and not having to pay a large bill before leaving. This is possible for many residents of Northern Ireland because of the free health and dental care provided by the National Health Service (NHS). However, prior to recent government changes, almost everyone in Northern Ireland was eligible to receive free dental services by visiting NHS dentists. However, many residents now find themselves in need of dental insurance Northern Ireland dentists are still required to provide services free to children under the NHS plan; however, adults still need to find adequate and affordable dental insurance.

What Type of Dental Insurance Do I Need?

The type of dental insurance, as well as the coverage amounts, depends on what you feel your needs may be as well as the excess amount you want to pay each year or each occurrence. Typical dental coverage provides for checkups, routine treatments (x-rays and hygiene treatments) as well as dental visits that are unplanned and not routine such as fillings, extractions, crowns or root canal work (aka remedial or restorative treatment).

Although these are the most common types of dental insurance coverage, your premiums may vary depending on the amount they are expected to pay on each of these expenses. For instance, a core policy may pay 100% reimbursement on all treatment provided by an NHS dentist for a low £9.95 per month while a premium plan may charge £19.95 but will cover a large portion of dental expenses that are not covered by the NHS.

Some dental insurance policies will also require you to be with the company for a minimum period before they’ll begin paying for expenses; although this can be a little as one month. Family coverage is more expensive than for a single adult but because most children under the age of 18 are free; few parents find themselves in need of a family plan, dental insurance Northern Ireland aims to provide as many as possible of their residents with good health and dental care, eliminating the need for private dental insurance in many homes.

Finding Lowest Possible Premiums

While shopping around for the best dental policy is always the best way to ensure you’re paying the lowest possible premiums, there are also other ways to help keep your premiums as low as possible. Making sure you take care of your teeth, eat healthy and have regular checkups is the best way to keep expenses down and catch problems when they’re still little problems, which will reduce the need for expensive dental treatment.

Dental plans are also becoming very popular and allow the flexibility of tailoring your dental coverage on your needs and what you can afford in premium cost. Rather than providing full coverage for almost any dental expense, they are tailored to the type of coverage you need.

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