Glasses Insurance

Imagine groping through life with uncorrected vision – When your spectacles break is the wrong time to discover your insurance doesn’t cover replacement.

UK citizens of all ages who depend on glasses in order to see and interact with the world are discovering too late that their home insurance does not provide adequate coverage for the replacement of lost or broken spectacles. In their moment of crisis, when they are experiencing the vulnerability that accompanies the loss of clear sight, they face the economic frustration of being unable to replace their glasses.

People tend to believe that their home insurance will cover damaged or lost glasses. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. But, too often these same people don’t discover the lack of coverage until their glasses lay in pieces and their vision has already been compromised. So what began as a crisis of broken glasses and impaired vision now becomes a double crisis when they are unable to purchase replacement glasses because the insurance they were counting on contains loophole clauses.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. Now there exists an insurance policy specifically tailored for eyeglass wearing Britons. In fact, buying insurance for spectacles has never been easier. In 2010, a new website, Glasses Insurance UK, makes comparing purchasing specific glasses insurance quick and easy.

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