Holiday Home and Holiday Chalet Insurance

Protect your investment with holiday home and holiday chalet insurance.

If you own a holiday home it’s essential you’ve got insurance in place to protect your investment. Doing so will ensure the building and everything within it is protected from any eventuality, and it makes sense to be prepared – it’s subject to the same risks as any other kind of home and vandalism, accidental damage, theft of possessions and a whole range of other risks could all be apparent, so give yourself added peace of mind by investing in a high level of holiday home or holiday chalet insurance and you can be confident that your investment is properly protected.

What should be included in my policy?

A policy of this kind needs to offer complete protection, and because holiday homes come with slightly different requirements to regular homes it’s important to be fully prepared. For example, you won’t be there year-round so you need to make sure it’s insured both when unoccupied as well as when it’s occupied, and if you let it out for certain months of the year you’ll have different insurance obligations once again. Because of differences such as these a regular home insurance policy simply won’t be sufficient, and here are just a few things you might want to look for in a policy of this nature:

• Buildings and contents cover. This can cover any damage to the property and its contents caused by fire, theft, storm, flood, loss or vandalism, with an extension of accidental damage cover often being available.
• Cover during periods of unoccupancy, being an essential consideration if you’re not there year-round.
• Lock and key replacement.
• Public liability cover. This is vital if you let your property out to guests during the year, thereby ensuring you’re not held financially liable should they be injured or their property become damaged whilst staying there.
• Loss of rental income protection should the property be unavailable.
• Cover for temporary accommodation.
• Legal expenses cover. Not essential, but well worth considering if you rent your property out as if any claims were to be made the legal fees could quickly add up.

These are just a few things you’ll want to look for when choosing your policy, but as is the case with so many insurance products it all comes down to personal circumstances. It’s essential that you’re left with a policy that meets your precise requirements because a one-size-fits-all solution simply won’t be adequate, so always make sure your policy is tailored according to your individual needs if you want to be confident in its suitability.

How to find the perfect quote…

Despite the various considerations of this type of policy, finding a quote that meets your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is a bit of careful research and a thorough understanding of what you’re looking for, and if you head online you’ll soon be able to find plenty of different options. It’s the perfect solution as it’s here you’ll have access to all the best quotes and will be free to browse at your leisure, and if you make sure to compare all the available options you’ll soon find one that’s perfect for your needs.

Seek the specialists to help

But, if you really want to be confident in your decision, you’ll need to seek specialist insurers to help. You’ll invariably need additional advice before you make your final decision and that can only be sought from experts in the field, and likewise it’s only experts that will understand the nature of this type of policy – it’s essential you’re fully prepared for any eventuality, and the only way you can look forward to having complete protection is if you get a tailor-made policy from the holiday home specialists.

Sourcing holiday home insurance – points to remember…

There are plenty of additional considerations you’ll need to bear in mind if you want to be certain you’ve found the right policy, and here are just a few final points to remember when searching:

• Make sure to give your potential insurance firm information that’s as accurate as possible. This is the only way to ensure you’ve got adequate cover and also makes sure your claim won’t be nullified, and always remember to include any outbuildings and swimming pools – they can all make a difference to your quote and the level of protection you need, so don’t leave anything out if you want total peace of mind.
• Always get a policy that’s tailored according to your individual requirements. Each holiday home is different and as such each insurance policy should be different too – it’s essential you’ve got a bespoke policy that’s been built around you and your circumstances, not only ensuring you’re adequately protected but also making sure you’re not spending money on cover you don’t need.
• If you’re renting your holiday home out to paying guests when you’re not there, always make sure that you abide by necessary regulations. Failing to do so could have severe consequences and could mean that your insurance policy is null and void, so always check the small print and any legislation guidelines to ensure full compliance.
• Make the most of any discounts you can find. With budgets becoming more important than ever before it’s essential you’re not wasting money on insurance, so always make sure you take advantage of any discounts offered. This could be anything from no claims bonuses to discounts if you have added security at your property, so always see what can be offered and don’t be afraid to haggle to get costs down even further.

Ultimately you need to make sure that you’re getting a comprehensive policy at a price you can afford, and as long as you spend the time to research and compare the available options you could soon have the perfect policy for your needs. Choosing wisely will ensure you can enjoy your holiday home for years to come and with added income potential it’s vital to make sure everything is in order, so always invest in a suitable holiday home or chalet insurance policy and you can be confident that you’re protecting your investment as best you can.

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