Motorbike Insurance Northern Ireland

Owning and operating a motorcycle can be very exciting. The ride is exhilarating and refreshing and they definitely provide better gas mileage than cars! With the high cost of fuel in recent years, many people have chosen a motorcycle as their means of transportation. However, motorcycles require the same type of insurance as you’d need with your car. If it’s time to find good motorcycle insurance, Northern Ireland residents have a great choice of companies and policies.

More Insurance Options

In the past residents of Northern Ireland were very limited in the type of insurance they could get, particularly with auto, van or motorcycle insurance. The state of civil unrest Northern Ireland was under made insurance companies very leery of providing coverage for motor vehicles because of the rate of theft, reckless driving, bombing situations, etc. Fortunately, this is no longer the case in Northern Ireland as there are many specialist brokers to provide the type of motorcycle insurance Northern Ireland residents need and can afford.

Select the Right Coverage

You’ll need to look for the same type of coverage for your motorcycle as you would for your car, especially if you’re driving your motorcycle regularly. The most expensive type of motorcycle insurance Northern Ireland companies offer provides you with full comprehensive, which will cover theft, third party fire and almost any peril you can imagine.

However, a full comprehensive plan is going to be the most expensive policy. You would want this type of coverage if your motorcycle were brand new or almost new. If you’re getting a second-hand or cheaper motorcycle, you may be able to get by with a cheaper policy that just covers a few things like theft, fire, etc.

Saving Money on your Premiums

Saving money on insurance premiums is always everyone’s goal. There are many ways that you can save money on your premiums. The larger the size of your motorcycle (engine size), the higher the premium is going to be. You may want to consider this when purchasing your motorcycle if your funds are limited.

If your motorcycle use is only going to be seasonal, you may want to check into low mileage insurance, which offers lower premiums as long as you don’t go over the specified amounts of insurance. It may also be to your benefit to drop coverage during the months you know you won’t be driving you motorcycle.

Another thing that will keep your premiums lowers is making your bike as secure as possible such as locking it with a bike chain or storing it in a secure garage or shed. You can also ask for a higher excess amount (deductible) on your policy. Lastly, avoid making small claims with your insurance company.

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