Motorhome Insurance

A lot of people don’t quite understand the implications surrounding motorhome insurance, with many assuming that it’s quite similar to regular caravan insurance. In a lot of ways it is, but there are certain things that set it apart.

For starters, regular caravan insurance isn’t always necessary. In a lot of cases it’s covered by the insurance of the car that’s towing it, but with motorhome insurance that’s not so. It’s the vehicle itself that’s on the road, and as such it’s subject to the same insurance regulations as cars.

This means that it’s a legal requirement to have motorhome insurance if you’re going to be driving on public roads. This is essential to cover you, your passengers and even third parties and other vehicles/properties in the event of an accident, injury or other damage sustained, and given that so many cars are on the road that’s an ever-present threat.

But, your motorhome shouldn’t just be insured when it’s on the road – it’s a good idea for it to be covered when it’s on the campsite as well. There’s always the risk of damage occurring, perhaps through fires or floods, and the financial consequences can be devastating. Theft is also important to consider as the theft of caravans of all kinds is on the rise, and given that a motorhome can take up a sizeable chunk of your savings it makes sense to be prepared.

It’s also a good idea to think about your possessions. People tend to take quite expensive items on holiday these days, and if you don’t want to have to replace them yourself it’s wise to see if they can be included in your policy. However, there are a few caveats to this – in some cases your possessions will be covered by your home insurance already, but if not some motorhome policies exclude possessions of a more expensive nature, so always make sure you check what’s covered before you start loading up the motorhome.

So, motorhome insurance is vital for all owners of such vehicles. It’s a legal requirement if you’re going to be driving on public roads, but even if you’re not it makes sense to look for added extras so you’re completely prepared. Spend the time to find the policy that’s right for you, ideally by going to niche insurers, and always go for the most comprehensive cover you can afford to make sure that you’re completely financially prepared.

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