Pet Insurance Northern Ireland

Finding pet insurance in Northern Ireland is definitely easier than some other types available. It’s a fairly new phenomenon worldwide and involves being able to insure your pet to help you with vet costs if something should happen.

While it is often compared to health insurance for humans, pet insurance operates on an emergency only level. This means that all the routine care such as vaccinations and worming are not covered and you cannot claim. This ensures that the risks remain low on claims – otherwise the insurer could guarantee that almost every policy holder would be claiming on a regular basis – as often as monthly – and as a result they would end up out of pocket as premiums cannot be higher than costs.

If you’re still interested in pet insurance Northern Ireland then it’s a fantastic option to cover you if you don’t know that you could afford the bills to treat an animal in an accident or emergency situation. There are three main levels of cover that you can choose from to insure your pet.

The first is an equivalent basic care level. This offers you protection up to a preset total for various conditions and you’re going to have to pay not only the excess but any costs above that total. If your animal develops a condition that requires regular treatment over many years you’ll be in a poor position with this insurance, as it’ll cover only once and when that limit is reached you will have to cover the bill yourself. You also won’t be able to switch to a new insurance company as this would then count as a pre-existing condition and that means they will not insure against it.

The next middle stage will cover conditions to a certain monetary point but you’re not limited in the amount of time you can use to reach that level. It’s usually a little higher than on the lowest level cover and if it takes your pet a number of years to reach their cap then this insurer will keep paying costs for you.

The final and best level of cover involves a much longer term covering of conditions your pet may develop. This has a yearly fixed amount you can claim but the counting starts again each time you renew your policy. This is the most expensive choice but offers the best protection.

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