Protection Insurance

Accident, sickness and unemployment protection insurance (also known as ASU for short) is an innovative insurance that provides a tax free monthly sum in the event that you lose your income due to incapacity or involuntary redundancy and can be used to cover mortgage repayments, loan repayments or simply replace lost income.

To put it in to context, imagine what would happen if you suddenly were made redundant, without warning, or had an accident that prevented you from working. How would you continue meeting the cost of your outgoings, such as your rent or mortgage; loan repayments; grocery and utility bills etc? Relying on State benefits in circumstances such as this would not be a wise idea. Not only is there strict criteria that needs to be met before you can make a benefits claim, but the amount you would receive would, in most cases, not be enough to meet your monthly costs. This is why you may wish to consider a protection insurance policy.

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