Public House Insurance – Compare Quotes

If you run a pub or wine bar, you will be well aware of the time commitment and investment involved, so it is essential that you do not waste your time and money by not having an adequate pub insurance policy. Pub insurance should include a number of policies which you have probably heard of, but most important are public liability insurance, buildings and content insurance, and employers’ liability insurance.

Why would I need these as a part of my pub insurance?
Public liability should be essential if you are in contact with the public, as if someone were to injure themselves on your property you could end up with a claim being made against you. As a pub is a place that someone might be intoxicated, an accident is probably far more likely than anywhere else, making this a priority for your pub insurance.
Buildings and contents will cover you in the event that something become damaged due to fire, theft, flood or other risks. This is the same sort of policy that you will have covering your home, but it is just as important to include it into your pub insurance policy.
If you employ people outside of your immediate family, you will need employers’ liability insurance by law. This will protect in the event of any legal action from an employee.

What else could I add on to my pub insurance policy?
Although the above should be included in any pub insurance policy, there are added extras such as money cover, glass cover, personal assault, business interruption, and loss of alcohol licence protection. These may seem unnecessary, but unless you are covered for every eventuality, you might find yourself and your pub out of pocket.

Business interruption insurance is one policy you might wish to incorporate into your public house insurance policy as this will protect you in the event that you are unable to trade from your premises, through no fault of your own.

Prices for pub insurance do vary depending on the level of cover you choose, but by using online price comparison tools, you can check to see you are getting the best policy for your money. By discussing your requirements with an experienced provider, you will ensure that you are covered for what you need to protect your pub and yourself, but that you are not paying for cover that you will never make use of.

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