UK listed building home/holiday home insurance

Protect your home with UK listed building home/holiday home insurance

Your home is your castle, sometimes literally, and it goes without saying that you’re going to want to protect it as best you can. Insurance will be a vital purchase and even more so if it’s a listed building – you’ve got vastly different insurance obligations to regular homes and will have to prepare for the additional risks accordingly, so investing in specialist UK listed building home insurance is essential.

This type of insurance has been specially designed for the needs of listed buildings, and given the historical significance of many of these homes it’s even more important to be prepared. You need to make sure that you’re protecting the building as much as its contents, and if you use it as a holiday home (or rent it out to guests) you’ll have different insurance obligations again. Having UK listed building home/holiday home insurance that can meet your needs should be at the top of the agenda, and doing so can ensure you’re protecting your home as much as possible.

What to include in a policy

There are a whole range of things you’ll need to include in a policy of this kind and the features you’ll want will often differ according to your precise circumstances, but buildings and contents cover should always come first in your estimation. This is central to any home insurance policy and is even more important with listed buildings as you need to make sure you’ve got cover that can accommodate your specific type of construction, and always think about contents cover as well (particularly if you rent your home out to other people).

You of course need to make sure that all possible perils are included in your policy, and from here you’re free to choose additional features according to your needs. Some are optional extras whereas others will be essential, and if you let your property out you’ll need to invest in public liability cover as well – this is vital if you’re dealing with members of the public as any claims could be incredibly damaging, so always make sure you’re properly prepared by having a high level of protection in place.

Find the quote that’s right for you

In the past it was often difficult for owners of listed buildings to find suitable insurance, for the simple reason that insurance companies were reluctant to take on board such a potentially costly dwelling. The method of construction would have caused the most difficulty – these buildings are highly likely to have been built using out-of-date methods and/or from materials that aren’t readily available, meaning that any claims are likely to be much higher than for regular buildings. Specialist materials would need to be sourced and restoration experts would often have to be called in, and that meant many insurers wouldn’t even consider offing cover.

This isn’t the case anymore. These days there are plenty of insurance firms that will be able to accommodate your needs, and while it could take a bit of extra research it’s bound to be worth it in the end. With specialist insurance you can be confident that your home is properly protected and that you won’t have to spend a fortune should things go wrong, and if you head online to see what’s out there you’ll soon be able to find a few potential quotes that could provide just what you’re looking for.

Choose tailored options from specialist suppliers

Heading to specialise suppliers is the only way you’ll be able to find appropriate cover, but there’s another advantage to needing this type of company – they’ll be able to provide additional help and support as well. This can be invaluable with this type of building where it can often be difficult to know where to turn, but if you’ve got experts on the end of the phone line you can be confident that your home is in good hands.

But, you need to make sure that your potential firm can tailor their quote according to your individual needs. The very nature of these buildings means that a one-size-fits-all solution simply won’t be sufficient, because your home is likely to have very different needs to another in the same category. That’s why having a quote that’s built around you is absolutely essential, and not only will doing so ensure complete protection but you could well save some cash in the process as well.

Essential tips and points to remember

• Make sure to keep up with any maintenance requirements. Most listed buildings will need regular maintenance and restoration work to ensure they stay in good condition, so never fall behind with anything if you want to keep your insurance company happy and to reduce the likelihood of needing to make a claim.
• Don’t think you’ll have to spend a fortune to get adequate cover. While it’s often true that listed buildings insurance will cost more than a regular home insurance policy because of the higher insurance risk, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to break the bank. Make sure to do your research, compare all the options and always look for any additional discounts that can be offered, and don’t be afraid to haggle either – pitting a few companies against each other could work wonders.
• Consider “all risks” cover if you want complete peace of mind. With this type of building it’s important to be prepared, and that’s why opting for fully comprehensive cover is often advisable. With all risks protection you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re ready for any and all eventualities, and that peace of mind can be invaluable with a building of this kind.
• Make sure to double-check the small print. There’s nothing worse than making a claim only to find that you’re not covered for it, so always double-check the small print so you’re aware of any exclusions and limitations. This is particularly important with this type of building – the expense of any claims means you don’t want to lose out unnecessarily, so always know what you’re covered for and be prepared to increase your level of protection if necessary.

So, never underestimate the importance of having UK listed building home/holiday home insurance. The right policy can ensure your asset is properly protected to give you the peace of mind you need, leaving you free to enjoy your stunning property for years to come.

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