Benefits of the In Car Black Box

Learning to drive is an investment, there are lots of hidden costs and expenses that need to be covered in order to earn that all important driving licence. The cost of lessons, tests, theory examinations soon begin to add up and it doesn’t end once the driving test has been passed. The next step is too cover the cost of the car, road tax, maintenance and most importantly the cost of insurance premiums that will offer a form of protection should an accident happen or any damage is done to the vehicle. Having insurance is a legal requirement and NOT something that can be avoided simply because it is too expensive, instead there are different methods that can bring down the cost of insurance however slight. Additional driving qualifications and an in car black box from companies such as , are the most effective ways to save as much money as possible. The in car black box is a piece of technology which is easily and discreetly installed into any vehicle to monitor the way someone drives in the hope of bringing down the cost of insurance and help new drivers to iron out any flaws or bad habits they may have which will have a direct impact on the insurance premium.

The bigger the risk the driver is considered to be, the higher the cost of the insurance.

The black box is the answer young drivers have been looking for and here is why…

Lower Insurance Premiums

Insurers appreciate the value of the black box and see it as a sign that drivers are making a serious attempt to improve the quality of their driving and ultimately bring down the cost of insurance.

Less Likely to Have an Accident

The black box stores data regarding the way a person drives and regular reports are received with any concerning areas. The driver can then continue to grow in confidence whilst on the road and will be more aware of any elements that could lead to an accident.

Safe Drivers are Rewarded

Drivers that have made no or very few claims on their insurance are not seen as a risk and are rewarded with falling insurance premiums every year they continue to drive safely.

Safer for Other Road Users

Young drivers are a hazard at times, they can lack confidence and be unsure of the rules in each situation, if they are receiving regular reports on where they are going wrong they will rectify this which will greatly benefit other road users.

Safer for Pedestrians

For much the same reason as above, there will be a greater focus on the people and drivers around them and young drivers will amend their driving skills accordingly. The reports will allow them to understand how their driving affects others.


If the worst should happen and an accident occurs, the black box will provide evidence to say who was at fault. It will be able to collate the data leading up to the crash for the one vehicle and determine the likelihood of who was at fault.