Shop Insurance Direct Gets a Facelift

Anything that can be done to improve the visitor’s experience to a website has got to be welcomed. Those who already own or lease a shop most likely have already come across their website and will be pleased to hear it has now been made even more user friendly also now supporting mobile devices. It … Read more

Specialist Commercial Mortgage Website Launched

At some time in the life of your business it is quite possible that it will need to raise some money perhaps to buy business premises. One of the ways of doing this is to arrange a commercial mortgage. In this respect, you may find it of interest to read that a new commercial mortgage … Read more

Introducing Financial Spread betting

For most of us, investing in the movements of stocks, shares, commodities, currencies, government bonds and the like is something we leave to the professionals. If we do engage in these multi-million pound markets, the likelihood is that we will do so via a third party organization such as a pension provider or some form … Read more

Everything you need to know about car finance

Few people have the necessary funds available to buy a new car outright, so will often instead look at one of two options, either leasing the vehicle, or financing the purchase. Whilst arranging finance is in itself not a particularly complicated process, it’s necessary to have a decent understanding of the finer points to make … Read more

Cash for Crash: Car Insurance Scams on the Rise

While taking the driving test will make you a lot safer on the road, it unfortunately doesn’t do much to protect you from the carelessness of other drivers – or the increasingly deliberate and dangerous activities of some scammers. The phrase ‘crash-for-cash’ relates to the illegal practices of engineering fake car accidents, or exaggerating damage, … Read more

What tantalises your taste buds?

Firstly, a brief science lesson to illustrate the difference between taste and flavour. Taste is derived from chemical senses detected by the receptor cells, of which there are at least 50, in each of the tastebuds that dot every part of our tongues. Whereas flavour is a combination of senses, not just taste, but also … Read more

Everyday cycling incidents that aren’t your fault

Britain has caught a real cycling fever in the recent decade. Cycling has become that popular, that in 2012 bike sales surpassed car sales, with over three and a half million bikes being sold compared to two million cars. More and more people are turning to healthier, environmentally friendlier and cheaper way of commuting. With … Read more

Driving with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects around nine million people in the UK in some form, and with around 35 million cars on the roads, that’s a lot of drivers who struggle with some kind of hearing loss. There are usually a lot of evident signs that a driver has an issue, including having the radio up loud … Read more

Speeding Prevention Campaign

Many young drivers are unaware of the dangers that face them after passing their test. The responsibility is on your shoulders for yourself and those in the car if you decide to speed, and the lives of yourself or those around you could change in a split second if anything were to go wrong. have … Read more

A Guide to Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury is something we hear a lot about these days with solicitors looking to help those who have been injured by something that was out of their control. The solicitors are able to acquire compensation for their clients if it is proved that someone or something else was at fault, but many members of … Read more

Types Of Mortgage Rates

When choosing a mortgage option for you, there is one thing that sticks out like a sore thumb; this is the interest rate. The interest rate that an individual will get often determines whether he has a good deal or otherwise. It also determines the amount of money that an individual will end up paying … Read more

Benefits of the In Car Black Box

Learning to drive is an investment, there are lots of hidden costs and expenses that need to be covered in order to earn that all important driving licence. The cost of lessons, tests, theory examinations soon begin to add up and it doesn’t end once the driving test has been passed. The next step is … Read more

How to Protect Your Lifestyle

Income protection cover Whatever we might wish to otherwise be the case, the reality of modern life is that an income is necessary to survive. It may be that you take for granted your income and what it provides you with, such as the ability to pay your mortgage, household bills, food, clothing and children’s … Read more