Chauffeur Insurance

People are often under the impression that chauffeur insurance is exactly the same as taxi insurance, but there are in fact some unique differences that set the two apart. The businesses are different so it makes sense that the insurance implications will be as well, so always make sure you choose the right one if you want to be operating legally and safely.

A chauffeur business tends to be classified as one that uses executive cars, only responds to pre-booked appointments and doesn’t have a two-way radio, and it’ll also have contracts forming the majority of its business. If these circumstances apply to you then you’ll have to look for the appropriate insurance, because a policy that’s meant for a taxi firm simply won’t cut it.

But, even though you’re classified as a chauffeur business it doesn’t mean that a one-size-fits-all policy will do. You’re bound to have your own circumstances so always make sure to find a company that can offer a bespoke policy, and luckily there are plenty out there that can accommodate.

Your first consideration should be the level of cover that you need, with third party being the minimum. But, because you’re carrying paying customers it makes sense to opt for more comprehensive cover as well, and don’t forget about the added extras such as public and private liability cover, breakdown assistance and even legal expenses cover – these could all come in useful should an incident occur.

The type of business that you’re running will also have a bearing on the type of insurance that you need, but whether you’re operating on an individual basis or are in charge of a whole fleet there’ll be policies to accommodate. You can get policies that cover you alone or any number of additional drivers, so always make sure that you’ve got a policy that meets your own individual needs.

The best way of doing this is to head to the experts. You need to seek out specialist insurers or brokers that will be able to accommodate your precise requirements, and don’t be afraid to shop around to see what deals can be offered.

If you spend the time to look you could get a chauffeur insurance policy that offers the level of cover that you’re looking for at a price to suit, and once you’ve found it you can get on with the important things – like running your business – without having to worry.

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