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With the increasing number of vehicles on the road, it makes sense to be protected against anything that could happen. This is even more important for lorry drivers where driving is their livelihood, because as we all know, accidents can and do happen. The only way to protect your interests is to have adequate lorry insurance in place, and failing to have any can lead to serious consequences.

Not only is it a legal requirement to have this kind of insurance when you drive such a vehicle but it also poses huge financial risks if you don’t have any. It’s there to protect your own interests as well as the interests of other road users – if you were to be involved in some kind of an accident you’d have to pay the costs out of your own pocket, and as those costs can quickly add up it makes sense to be prepared.

Third party is the minimum level of cover that you’ll need, but remember the importance of keeping your vehicle protected as well. It could easily suffer from damage, vandalism or theft, and if you don’t want to have to shell out you need to have an appropriate level of cover. Of course, going for more comprehensive policies will always cost more money, but in the long run it’s always going to be worth it.

So how can you go about getting this type of cover? Well, it’s always best to go for insurers that specialise in these particular vehicles and who can offer tailor-made quotes. This type of insurance is incredibly specialised so you need to talk to the experts, and as your own situation will invariably be different from someone else’s you should never go for a one-size-fits-all policy, as it probably won’t give you the level of cover that you need.

But, with this type of insurance, you need to go a bit more in-depth than you would for a regular vehicle. Because you’ll often be transporting expensive equipment or goods it’s worth thinking about goods in transit and liability cover, not only to give yourself peace of mind but to give it to your customers as well.

Of course, you’re going to need to shop around to see what you can get for your money, and that’s where comparison websites come in. Make sure to compare several options and never accept the first price offered, and if you do your research you’ll be able to get the right lorry insurance to suit your needs and your budget.

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