Convicted Drivers Car Insurance

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For most people, the only time they will commit a crime is as a result of a motoring offence. There are three ways to lose your driving licence: an instant driving ban, the totting up procedure and the new drivers act. If there is one thing harder to swallow than accepting this punishment, it is finding an adequate convicted drivers car insurance policy. It is a common misconception that you will never be able to find insurance again, but it is true that some providers will not offer you cover. However, with a little shopping around and some tenacity, you are sure to find suitable convicted drivers car insurance.

By searching for a convicted drivers car insurance policy you are demonstrating your commitment to starting again and looking forward to driving safely on UK roads, but unfortunately most insurance companies don’t see this. You might have more luck persuading the insurance company if you have a good history of no claims years, as this shows providers that you are not as great a risk as they might think.

Although you might fall off your chair when you see some of the quotes for convicted drivers car insurance, it is the only way you will be able to make that fresh start. If you were to run the risk of driving without insurance, you are looking for one sure fire way to receive a driving ban for life. By doing a price comparison, you can establish which providers are able to offer the most competitive quotes for convicted drivers car insurance.
The price of your annual premiums is likely to depend on the reasoning behind your conviction, if you received a ban for speeding, or your small convictions built up over time, will probably not receive outrageously high quotes. However, insurance companies have to take a pragmatic approach if your conviction was for something more serious such as driving under the influence of alcohol or dangerous driving.

Once you have a few companies to choose from, you can start to think about what you need from an insurance policy. Although it might seem like a real pain, insurance is only in place to protect you and other drivers or pedestrians. Your convicted drivers car insurance will be a very similar policy to the insurance you held previously. You will still have the same choice about the level of cover (e.g. third party or comprehensive), and you will still be able to reduce your premiums slightly by ensuring the vehicle is as little of a risk as possible.

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