Campervan Insurance

Whether you own a standard car, a motorbike or a camper van you need to get it insured to drive legally on UK roads. However, there is not one policy that fits all and if you have a camper van, you will need specific campervan insurance to ensure that your vehicle is adequately protected. Although it is required by law to obtain an insurance policy for your vehicle, it is designed to protect you in the event of an accident, fire, theft, other damage, and many other eventualities. Camper vans can be expensive purchases if bought new or even if as a construction project. How would you finance the repairs to an already costly vehicle without a good vw camper van insurance policy?

If you have bought a professionally built camper van, it is usually quite simple and straight forward to obtain insurance as most high street insurance providers, and specialist insurers will be able to provide cover. However, if you have built your own or completed your own conversion, it can be a difficult process. Firstly, it is essential that you get the vehicle reclassified as a camper van, and then insure it as a camper van to ensure that you are driving legally. There are some specialist providers out there who are experienced in providing camper van insurance and it recommended that you obtain a good policy from one of these companies. One of the major conventional car insurance providers probably will not be able to provide cover to you, and if they can, it will probably be inadequate for your needs.

Last but by no means least, if you are in the process of converting your camper van but haven’t finished yet, do you have adequate protection? The chances are that insuring your vehicle in this state hasn’t even crossed your mind, but what would you do in the event of fire, theft or another form of damage during the conversion? There are insurance providers which will be able to cover your camper van to-be, this is known as panel van insurance. Once the conversion is complete, you simply change the status to camper van insurance.

All of this can prove to be quite expensive, more so than standard car insurance, but you can’t put a price on guaranteeing that you won’t end up out of pocket. Plus, to many people their camper van is their pride and joy, so let it stay that way without any stresses and strains about finding the cash for repairs or replacement and invest into camper van insurance.

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