Driving Instructors Car Insurance – Compare Quotes

As a driving instructor, you are at increased risk whilst on the road due to travelling with a great number of inexperienced learner drivers. It is absolutely essential that you have the protection necessary to mitigate against any eventuality on the road. Whether you are self-employed or working for company, driving instructor car insurance is designed to cover you in your job.

Driving instructors have plenty to think about whilst working, teaching leaner drivers and ensuring that everyone is kept safe on the road at the same time just sounds difficult. Adding any other stresses or worries could be dangerous, but with an adequate driving instructors insurance policy, you will be able to relax and concentrate on the job in hand.

It is easy to see how your needs as a driving instructor have an impact on your car insurance, but one of the major problems with finding a driving instructor insurance policy is ensuring that all your requirements are met. Rather than having separate policies for each individual aspect, it is highly recommended that you seek a provider which can combine everything into one easy to understand policy.

Your driving instructor insurance will need to include what you expect from a conventional policy, protection against damage or loss caused by fire and theft; third party cover to ensure that your financial obligations are covered in the event that you are to blame for an accident; and repairs or replacement for your own vehicle. This all comes as standard in comprehensive car insurance, but you need to consider this and much more. Additional forms of cover that you might want to include into your driving instructor insurance are:

• Driving other cars during tuition – this is quite self-explanatory, if you are ever involved in an incident whilst driving a client’s car, you will have full insurance cover

• Dual-control vehicle supplied in the event of a non-fault accident – vehicle replacement is essential as a driving instructor, but always ask if it will be dual-control so you can continue working.

• Legal expenses – if a claim is ever made against you, you don’t want to end up paying costs and compensation out of your own pocket.

• Fleet – if you own a driving instructor company, you might have a number of cars, so rather than insuring each one individually, see if fleet cover could save you money.

These are just a few examples, be sure to discuss your full requirements with an insurance provider experienced in driving instructor car insurance.

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