How accurate are Caravan Insurance Quotes?

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In today’s internet world, it is typically quick and easy to obtain caravan insurance quotes. The question might be asked, however, as to just how accurate such quotations may subsequently prove to be?

A typical quotation

If you are looking for caravan insurance, you may go through a three stage process:

  • looking at the headline prices – it is important to keep in mind that prices used in advertisements are typically only ‘indicative’ and may make certain assumptions about requirements that simply will not apply in your case;
  • the quotation – this typically involves keying in a very limited amount of information relating to your caravan and individual circumstances, in response, you will typically receive a quotation (though more correctly, this should be regarded as an estimation only);
  • the final price – to obtain caravan insurance cover it is typically necessary to complete a full specification of your vehicle and circumstances and that will allow the insurance provider to calculate a final price and issue your policy documentation.

Not every caravan insurance process will follow these exact steps but they may be broadly accurate.

Changes to the price

Your insurance provider needs to understand a fairly significant amount of information about you, your caravan and the way you plan to use it, in order to provide you with full policy cover.

If there were things that you did not fully declare as part of the quotation process, then understandably the final price may change once your accurate details are available.

The price of your insurance may also be subject to change from the original quotation if, once the policy is in place, you change the way that you use your caravan.

For example, you may have taken out a touring caravan policy that offers cover for European driving ‘as standard’ for up to a specified number of days.

If you decide to take your caravan abroad for a period that exceeds that originally covered by the policy, then it would be highly advisable to notify your insurance provider of this in advance.

In that type of situation, it may be typically straightforward to extend the cover but there may be additional costs involved in this.

These will obviously not have been included in the original caravan insurance quotes.

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