Joint motorcycle and car insurance

Owners of both car and motorcycles often find it difficult to insure their vehicles under one plan, citing that it’s generally more expensive than insuring them separately as well as it putting their no claims bonus at risk should they have an accident on one or the other. This, however, is not always the case, with many insurers now offering joint vehicle insurance, with discounted premiums for their safe drivers.

6 wheel insurance

Joint motorcycle and car insurance policies are now often referred to as 6 wheel insurance, allowing those who own both types of vehicles to be insured under the same plan. These insurance policies have been in demand for some time but only recently have they begun to crop up. Bikers are generally more prudent drivers as they are used to being more exposed on the road, meaning they also tend to be safer car drivers. Insurers have realised this and now have begun to offer competitive insurance policies to reflect this.

Save time and cost

Insuring your car and bike under one policy is also massively convenient as it saves a lot of time and effort reading into separate insurance policies that can often be confusing. Once you have your policy, your renewal dates are consolidated, protecting your no claims bonus for both vehicles. These insurance policies are a good comprehensive option, offering UK and European accident and breakdown cover as well as £50,000 in motor protection should you get in an accident that wasn’t your fault with an uninsured driver. These insurance policies are comprehensive, meaning that if you don’t want that level of protection, you could be saving more by using third party insurers.

How it works

With your average comprehensive motorbike insurance policy and car insurance policy costing more than £600 combined, having some form of six wheel car insurance can save you considerable amounts of money, with the average combined cost coming to around £550. The price of insurance will obviously vary driver to driver, depending on the age, previous driving history, type of vehicle, eye sight and criminal convictions. So, be sure to get a quote and you could find yourself making considerable savings.

Compare online

Depending on your history and circumstances, it may be cheaper to insure separately, so use price comparison websites to calculate exactly what savings can be made. Using Swinton motorbike insurance in conjunction with a cheap third party policy could be a wiser option, so shop around for the best deals.

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