Personal Liability for Pets

  • If your pet damages another person’s property, you could be liable for the damage. Whilst you think that your precious dog is capable of no harm, you may find they create accidental damage that leads to significant financial responsibility.

As the pet owner, you are responsible for your pet’s behaviour. If your pet dog is unruly or dangerous, for example, you could find that you are to blame for any damage or destruction that they cause. Your dog might not intend to break a precious vase in a house your visiting, or knock over a small child– but these accidents can happen.

Out of character:

You may find that your dog behaves out of character if they are taken to new surroundings – this can include destructive or dangerous behaviour. Your dog might never urinate inside in your home, for example, but if your dog is put in an unusual place with people and surroundings he doesn’t recognise – he could cause damage and embarrassment with destructive behaviour.

Behavioural training:

If your dog is deemed to have antisocial behaviour, you may want to take them for behavioural training. “But that’s so expensive!” you may reply – what many people don’t realise, however, is that good pet insurance can sometimes cover the cost of behavioural training. Contact your pet insurance provider to confirm how much they can support the cost of behavioural training, as long as it is deemed necessary by a recognised vet.

The cost of bad behaviour:

If your dog does misbehave, you could incur significant costs for the damage they cause. Dogs can be particularly exuberant and energetic; and if that energy is misdirected, it can cause more damage than you might expect.

Pet insurance:

Pet insurance can help prevent damage from arising from bad behaviour, by financially supporting your animal through necessary behavioural training. If your dog still causes damage, then pet insurance could cover you for that cost too. Good pet insurance could protect you against 
legal liability for up to £2 million. This could cover your dog injuring, killing or passing an illness to someone not employed by you or a member of your family. This personal liability protection would also cover damage to another’s property, as long as the property isn’t not under your care or belonging to your family.

You should personally take direct responsibility for all your pet’s actions, as he or she could unwittingly cause damage and destruction. By taking out pet insurance, you may find that you can also protect yourself financially.

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