Prestige Car Insurance

If you are the proud owner of a prestige car, you need the increased assurance that you will protected no matter what happens. With this in mind, it is essential that you obtain a prestige car insurance policy as soon as possible. Similarly to standard car insurance, there are three levels of prestige car insurance available but you may want to seek a comprehensive policy if possible.

Third party, fire & theft insurance is often thought of as a ‘medium’ level of car insurance, as this provides a basic level of protection, with the added cover for damage or loss caused by fire and theft. It is essential that your prestige car insurance is at least covered for this as these two factors can cause extremely costly damage. The remainder of the cover allows third parties and their property to be covered in case an accident is your fault. When considering investing into prestige car insurance, it is important that you think about how you would cover the costs of repairs to your own vehicle, as these will not be covered by a third party, fire & theft policy. The benefits to this level of cover is that it is much cheaper to insure young or inexperienced drivers, but the annual premium cost far outweighs what you might have to pay if you were involved in an accident, particularly as the owner of a prestige car.

You might want to invest in comprehensive prestige car insurance policy as this offers the motorist and car owner a better level of cover compared to 3rd party fire and theft. You and your luxury vehicle will be covered in almost every eventuality as you can expect to receive compensation for damage to your own car in the event that an accident is your fault. Although this level of cover is the most expensive, it is well worth the annual cost if something unexpected were to happen.

Luxury vehicles can cost a lot hundreds of thousands of pounds, so it is essential that you are fully protected when driving on the road. Prestige car insurance is designed to provide you with financial cover if involved in an accident, or if someone steals your vehicle, or if any damage is caused by fire. By being able to rest assured that you and your car are protected, even if you are to blame for an accident, allows you to enjoy your vehicle and stop worrying about financial burdens.

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