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By their very nature park homes are not your average home, and so it is essential that you are covered in the event of anything out of the ordinary, and traditional risks associated with owning a home. Defined as being your place of permanent residence, your park home will probably be located on an approved site for permanent park home residences. Investing into park home insurance is something that every owner needs to consider, to ensure that you are left open to risks. If you were a traditional home owner, you would not risk not insuring your building or contents – so why any different for park home owners?

It is very unlikely that your standard buildings and contents cover will provide cover for your park home as well; this is often due to a number of factors which increase the risk. These can include the construction materials, the gas and electricity supplies, portable heating appliance, and risk of fire and storm damage due to location.

The causes of fire in the home are usually caused by faulty appliances or wiring, problems with heating systems, and a lack of care when using ovens or electrical appliances. It may seems slightly unfair that your risk of fire as a park home owner is far greater, as these causes are just as likely in a traditional home. However, the reason for a different stance on fire is that park homes are usually made of combustible materials, they are often located quite close together, increasing the risk of the fire spreading; they are usually located in woodland areas; and could make it difficult for fire fighting services if located in isolated areas.

In an attempt to ensure that your park home is kept safe, and perhaps have a lower annual parkhome insurance premium as a consequence, you could take some preventative measures such as fitting smoke alarms and installing fire extinguishers.

Most park home insurance policies will only provide insurance cover if your park home is located on an approved site, so it is important that you check this before obtaining a policy. The sorts of things you can expect to be included in a park home insurance policy are:

• Accidental damage
• Personal possessions
• Subsidence and landslip
• Alternative accommodation
• Tenants liability
• Public liability
• Fatal injury
• Valuables
• Loss or theft of keys
• Underground services damage

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