Smile Dental Plans

Let Simplyhealth help take the financial pain out of visiting your Dentist. Looking after one’s teeth can be quite expensive nowaday. Whether you need a simle polish or surgical treatment such as a filling, bridge or crown, the bills can quickly add up. Also consider when an accident leaves you needing emergency treatment.

That’s why we’ve teamed with Simplyhealth to bring you their Simply Dental Plan. The dental plan is designed to help you plan for the cost of routine visits to your dentist.

The Simply Dental Plan is open to UK residents aged 18 to 69 and up to four resident children. A monthly payment means you get money back towards your dental bills, up to your chosen annual limit.

There are two levels of cover with a range of benefits. You get cash back on regular treatments, and have peace of mind knowing that you’re covered for dental accidents or emergencies. Getting covered is east. You can get a Simply Dental Plan quote and join online today .

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