Specialist Commercial Mortgage Website Launched

At some time in the life of your business it is quite possible that it will need to raise some money perhaps to buy business premises. One of the ways of doing this is to arrange a commercial mortgage.

In this respect, you may find it of interest to read that a new commercial mortgage comparison website has commenced operating in the last couple of weeks. It is known as Commercial Mortgage Link and includes a panel of numerous commercial lenders in the UK. The website is simple and quick to use allowing you to search for suitable competitive commercial mortgages just by the completion of one form.

A major benefit of the website is that it provides “whole of market” coverage of commercial mortgage providers enabling the customer to obtain the most suitable finance package to meet their exacting requirements in every way i.e. low interest rates and fees.

The product range within the commercial mortgage market is frequently changing as new offers become available. Commercial Mortgage Link’s professional specialists keep a close eye on such things so are able to make up to date products available to their clients promptly.

Some of the features highlighted on the website include:
•Interest rates starting from as low as 1%
•Borrowing available from £30,000 to £30,000,000 plus
•Compare over 2,300 products for commercial loans
•LTV of as much as 85% in certain cases

The following observation was made by Steven Disloggi who is an experienced designer of websites: “It really is a great system, its geared up to connect the customer with the best possible lender or broker who can offer the most suitable products. It gives the client access to over 2,300 products to ensure they have access to the best deals available.”

Whether it is a small, medium or large business seeking funding, finance can be arranged through this website. You may also wish to take a look at their blog as there are a number of interesting articles that are most informative.

An excellent benefit of the website is that it provides a Freephone or local rate phone number to call so that you can speak with an experienced commercial mortgage specialist who can provide you with free advice about matters relating to such mortgages.

So, if you are likely to require commercial finance in the foreseeable future why not visit their website at www.commercialmortgagelink.co.uk.

Original Article: PR.com