UK Tradesman Insurance Quotes

Tradesman insurance is designed to protect those people who work in other people’s homes, or on customer’s premises, or commercial properties. The term ‘tradesman’ usually refers to plumbers, electricians, buildings, decorators, cleaners but can cover a wide range of trades. If you are unsure as to whether the insurance provider is able to offer you tradesman insurance, contact them to confirm first.

If you are looking for your first tradesman insurance policy, you might wonder what is able to offer you. There are usually a couple of core policies included into your insurance, with the option to add on extras if necessary. Two absolutely essential insurance policies which must be incorporated into the most basic of tradesman insurance are public liability insurance and employers’ liability.

Public liability insurance provides cover for tradesman in the event that any damage to a member of the public, or their property is caused by you or the business. You will be covered for any legal fees, other costs and expenses, and hospital treatment. Employers’ liability is required by law if you employ members of staff, as this covers you financially in the event that anyone is injured or becomes ill due to work.

Holding these two policies is extremely important, but it is also essential that you consider where else you might be at risk. More often than not a basic tradesman insurance policy is not enough to protect you or your business, and you might need to consider extras such as:

• Professional indemnity – form of insurance providing cover in the event of any professional negligence by breach of duty of care.

• Tools cover – as a tradesman the chances are you have a lot of money invested into tools, whether they are hand tools, power tools or any other equipment. Without the tools to do the job, you can’t do the job. Protect the lifeline of your business and ensure that you have adequate tool cover in the event of theft, loss or damage.

• Stock cover – if you have any stock on your business premises, or even in storage, it could get stolen. Protect yourself by ensuring that you include stock cover into your tradesman insurance.

• Revenue protection – this helps protect your business if you are forced to cease trading through no fault of your own. The insurance should offset your lost income, but it is also possible to see if you can get financial assistance to start up your business once again.

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