Vans or Pick-ups? What’s Best for Commercial Use?

Choosing a vehicle for business use is very important, especially when you need to get something to carry out specific tasks. While cost will naturally be a consideration, it is equally important to ensure the vehicle is able to perform the functions expected of it.

Whether you are looking for a small independent company or a larger firm, the basic requirements remain the same. You’ll need to pick a vehicle that is fit for purpose, along with a reliability that means it will remain on the road with few or no problems.


Vans, particularly transit-style vehicles are incredibly popular in the UK and used by many in building and other manual trades.

One of the advantages of a van is that it is securely lockable and a way to store equipment and tools relatively safely. The vehicle features an integrated design which sees the cabin and storage area set out as a single unit separated by an internal partition.

Whilst the enclosed storage area is highly practical with regards to weather protection, it does make loading the vehicle troublesome at times – especially for those dealing with awkwardly shaped items.

The interior cabin of a van is usually extremely sparse too, with little consideration given to driver and passenger comfort. Performance credentials are usually fairly good but will largely depend on the type and size of the van.

Pick-up trucks

A pickup truck is basically a light vehicle designed for the commercial sector which combines practicality with comfort. The vehicle includes a front cabin which, depending on the model of truck can offer a slightly more ‘luxurious’ driving experience than a van.

Its unique design features an open-top rear area or ‘bed’ which is ideal for the transportation of materials or tools. This is generally separated from the cab itself and provides great flexibility when it comes to load capacities.

The standard of comfort in a pick-up truck can, if you manage to find the right kind of vehicle, far exceed that of a comparable van. Some are offered with leather interiors, heated seats and even additional equipment such as Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone connectivity. This is a great development for the commercial vehicle market and ensures businesses are able to find vehicles with appropriate levels of comfort and practicality.

Pick-up trucks are often built to last in a number of testing conditions. Rust-proofed chassis with galvanised body panels on certain makes and models means that they can withstand the odd bump and knock, along with all sorts of weathering.

Choosing a business vehicle

Ultimately the choice between buying a van or a pick-up truck comes down to the type of work you need it for. There are advantages to both but you need to weigh up your options. Ultimately, for building and construction work a pick-up truck will be the superior choice because of the ease of use, it’s strong and robust build and the comfort it can provide.