Biggest hazards when visiting London

With millions of visitors descending upon London this year for the Olympics, there are a number of hazards and dangers that visitors should be aware of to ensure that they have a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are our top things to watch out for when visiting London.


London is one of the worst locations for pickpockets in the world, standing in at no.10 on the list of destinations where tourists are most likely to be pickpocketed. When travelling on public transport or walking in busy high-street, making sure your belongings are not easily accessible is of the utmost importance. There are over 20,000 reported pickpocketing offences per year but this number is decreasing as police help crack down on thieves.  If you have lost something on public transport, be sure to visit the lost property office on Baker Street to see if your belongings have been returned.

Road safety

Londoners drive on the left side of the road unlike the rest of Europe where they drive on the right, meaning that you must always look the right way when crossing the road. There are many accidents caused by unsuspecting tourists who are not familiar with UK traffic, so be sure to contact if you feel you are entitled to compensation.


If you are out and about late at night and want to use a taxi service, be sure to use a certified taxi service. London has a huge problem with unlicensed mini cabs, with many criminal offenses being committed by illegal taxi drivers. It’s always important that you pre book a taxi with a reputable taxi service. There are a number of services which can help you find a licensed mini cab company near you. Travelling alone is not advised, especially for women, who are the most vulnerable. Always notify someone if you have to use a taxi service that is questionable to travel around London.

Street works

With many areas of London being renovated for the Olympics, there are many areas that may be dangerous for pedestrians. With many uneven pavements and roads you may trip and hurt yourself if you are not paying attention. If you are seriously injured in a public place, contacting accident claims UK  may help you gain compensation to cover medical bills.


When travelling around make sure that your valuable items are never on show. There are thousands of muggings every year in London, meaning you should always be careful when walking alone in the streets at night. Avoid poorly lit streets and always try and notify someone if you are travelling alone at night.

On the whole London is a safe place if you are prudent and sensible when travelling. Keep your wits about you and don’t flash expensive items in public and you should have a wonderful visit.

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