London motorcycle theft on the increase

According to a number of insurers, London is by far the worst place for motorcycle theft in the UK. A comprehensive report into motorbike theft showed that motorcycle owners in parts of London are 30 times more likely to be a victim than in other parts country. The top 10 locations in the UK are as follows:

1. South West London

2. North London

3. West London

4. South East London

5. East London

6. North West London

7. Enfield

8. Huddersfield

9. Sutton

10. Twickenham

Costing the industry roughly £105m per year, motorcycle theft in London continues to increase at a staggering pace. With considerable policing cuts being made and the Metropolitan police’s stolen vehicle unit being closed, things are showing little signs of improving. The additional survey made by the Motorcycle Crime Reduction Group report that 50% of all motorcycle theft occurs in London, with an average of 77 bikes and scooters being stolen each day. These worrying statistics mean now is a better time than ever to make sure your bike is fully insured by insurers such as MotorCycle Direct.

So what can London motorcyclists do to help keep their bikes from being stolen?

Keep your bike in a Garage

Keeping your bike off the street and out of sight will drastically reduce the risk of theft. If you don’t have access to a garage, make sure it’s grounded with an anchor and well covered.

Use insurance approved security devices

With a number of security devices on offer from trackers to immobilisers, bike owners should invest in a number of devices to keep their bikes safe as well as keep insurance premiums down.

Lock your bike to immovable objects

Many thieves are now taking more expensive bikes and putting them straight into the back of their vans. Properly securing your bike to an immovable object is therefore of the upmost importance.

Be careful where you park

Avoid poorly lit, isolated areas as these are the most common spots for bike theft. If you can, place your bike near a CCTV camera in a well exposed area.

Sports bike and scooter owners are by far the most at risk from theft, so make sure your vehicle is properly locked and secured at all times. With a bit of common sense and investment you should be able to considerably decrease the chance of motorcycle theft, even in London

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