Top Tips for Getting Cheap Van Insurance

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The cost of keeping your van on the road is creeping up all the time and it is difficult to know where to start cutting costs. Like the MOT and road tax, van insurance is required by law and you risk losing your vehicle if you drive without it. Unfortunately, cheap van insurance can be hard to find, especially if you fall into a “high-risk” group such as young drivers. Luckily, there are several things you can do to reduce the amount you have to pay to insure your van or van.

Insurance companies work out how much insurance you pay, by deciding how much of a risk you and your vehicle are to insure. For example, if you park your van on the street outside your house and it has no type of alarm, you will pay more than a driver who parks off road and who has an alarm system. Where possible you should try to park your van on a driveway or, ideally, in a garage. This will reduce the cost of your van insurance premiums. Purchasing a simple alarm system from a van accessories specialist will also mean less money going towards your insurance. This way, the extra money goes towards your van and not towards an insurance premium you may never claim on.

Another way to get cheap van insurance is to ask for it. While you may not think your insurance company will reduce your payments, most companies will consider a reduced premium for valued customers. Insurance is very much a buyers’ market and if your insurance company will not budge on the quote they offer you, another company will be only too happy to take your business. You don’t need to wait till your premium runs out either, even if your policy still has months left to run you can ask the company for a deal. If they agree, you will receive a refund of any money owed to you.

Whether you need affordable cover for your van or cheap car insurance, using a comparison website means you can view a number of suitable policies in one place. It also means you can compare quotes between different companies, so you know you are purchasing the absolute best deal around. Some of the larger comparison services also have special deals that are only available if you purchase the policy with them. This means the cheapest van insurance for you may not necessarily be available straight from an insurance company. There are several comparison services available and you should get quotes from each one before deciding which the best is for you.

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